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Hello My Friend,

Since 1987, I have dedicated myself to providing professional insurance consulting services to clients across diverse landscapes, from the serene bayous of Southwest Louisiana to the breathtaking beaches of La Jolla by the Sea. With a focus on strategic employee benefit planning, effective communication, and innovative digital insurance agency solutions, my goal has always been to foster efficient and results-driven partnerships with my clients.

My Story

As a passionate practitioner of Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques and as a Ganjier student, the Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program, I bring extensive expertise in sustainable agriculture and the cannabis industry to the table. By leveraging my deep knowledge in risk management, along with collaboration from renowned insurance and risk management experts, I have developed comprehensive Integrated Cannabis Risk Management solutions to identify and mitigate potential threats that can impact your cannabis business goals, brand success, and Top Shelf reputation.

Furthermore, my dedication to promoting sustainable agriculture is reflected in my work as a Biomei Soilsmith Network. I actively assist farmers in transitioning to environmentally friendly and soil-centric natural farming practices. By embracing these principles, farmers can promote soil health, contribute to the conservation of our planet, and enhance the quality of their agricultural endeavors.

With a holistic approach that prioritizes sustainable agriculture, cannabis expertise, and comprehensive insurance consulting solutions, I am committed to delivering results that protect your business, support environmental sustainability, and drive your success in this dynamic and evolving industry.

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