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Green Johnnie's Story

Since 1987, I’ve been providing professional insurance consulting services to clients from the bayous of Southwest Louisiana to the beaches of La Jolla by the Sea. From strategic employee benefit planning, communication to innovative digital insurance agency solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven friendship with my clients. I have worked with some of the leading insurance, risk management experts and cannabis legends to create an Integrated Cannabis Risk Management solutions designed to identify and mitigate threats that can be detrimental to your cannabis business goals, brand success and Top Shelf reputation.


Intergated Cannabis Risk Management Services

Cannabis Risk Assessment Score

Your risk score is a reflection of your cannabis company’s preparedness to minimize specific threats to your business. 

Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform (CRP²™)

Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform (CRP²™) is our propriety and innovative risk assessment tool. The CRP² identifies potential threats through a generated scorecard and detailed report, complete with customized interventions.

Ganjier Certified Risk Managers

Our team of Ganjier Certified Cannabis Risk Managers provide resources to help identify controls and processes necessary to help your achieve "Top Shelve" prices and profits for your cannabis business.

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