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Weed, of course, is illegal, because it's political, so the very act of legalizing it is an act of God. - Green Johnnie, Ganjier 

A Certified Ganjier, is a trained and certified professional who specializes in the service and presentation of recreational and medical cannabis products. Ganjiers may work in a variety of settings, including dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other hospitality businesses, and are responsible for recommending and serving dried cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates to customers, as well as educating them about different strains and their effects.


Part of a Certified Ganjier's role is to have a thorough understanding of the sensory characteristics of different cannabis terpenes and strains, including their aromas, flavors, and potential entourage effects. To do this, they utilize sensory evaluation techniques, such as smelling and tasting various strains and products to identify the dominant terpenes present and understand the entourage effect. Certified Ganjiers typically undergo extensive training in terpene sensory evaluation and required to pass a certification exam to demonstrate their cannabis knowledge and skills.


Ganjier Studies

The Certified Ganjier Online Training 

Step #1 the journey begins

2-day Live Training session

A Comprehensive Approach

In-Person Written, Service, & SAP Exam

Exam Date: May, 13, 2023

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