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Expand your cannabis knowledge and expertise

The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) is dedicated to providing its members with innovative risk management services that will help them succeed in the emerging cannabis industry. Our pioneering, original, and groundbreaking risk management platform offers non-traditional solutions specifically designed for the non-traditional cannabis industry. Unlike insurance companies and banks that may offer risk management services that prioritize their own interests, NCRMA's services are tailored to the needs and goals of your cannabis organization.


Dispensary, Cultivation, Extraction and Infusion Facility, Manufacturing or Ancillary Cannabis Business

The most powerful tool for long-term improvement is education. We review your scorecard and lead you toward NCRM Academy courses best suited for your needs.  Available online or on-site for you and your team, NCRM Academy courses are developed by experts who specialize in specific areas of risk within the industry.

Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform (CRP²™) is NCRPS's propriety and innovative risk assessment tool.CRP² identifies potential threats through a generated scorecard and detailed report, complete with customized interventions.  Our team of experienced cannabis Risk Managers provide resources to help identify controls and processes necessary to help prevent and mitigate fines, penalties, and setbacks.

Access to expert knowledge of insurance and risk management products

Our extensive education and robust risk management practices have been designed to lower claim rates for NCRMA member policy holders.

NCRPS planning and support

Once risk sources and potential threats are identified through the CRP² assessment, NCRPS gets to work on driving their mitigation. To most effectively equip you in tackling your biggest areas of opportunity, we provide education and consultation tailored to set you up for continued success.

Customized solutions

We offer our members innovative risk management training and strategic partnerships to grow and sustain their businesses.

Connection with our Service Partners for industry expertise

Access a service partners which are designed to promote our mutual benefit and position in the global legalized cannabis market. The NCRMA, in turn, empowers this pool of cannabis market leaders and players to assess the quality of the available cannabis risk management products and drive change to the betterment of its membership.

Access to association owned captive insurance products

The NCRMA’s Appointed Broker program is the only dedicated, cannabis-vetted and appointed broker program in the country. 

Access to NCRMA Monthly Newsletter

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